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About ATX

ATX is an international supplier of radiographic imaging solutions 

ATX is an international market-leading supplier of high-quality radiographic imaging solutions, equipment, consumables & technical support to the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asia markets. We operate across the medical, veterinary, chiropractic, dental and industrial markets, making us the preferred choice for all our customers.


Mission and Vision

Affordable and high-quality technology provider

Since 1987, ATX has support the radiographic market, emphasising reliability, excellent service, and adaptability by collaborating closely with customers and distributors. We like to empower all our clients to achieve superior diagnoses for their patients through the provision of AWESOME imaging solutions.

With this purpose in mind, we aspire to become a trusted leader, offering affordable diagnostic imaging solutions in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

For almost 40 years, ATX has been committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and accessible X-ray solutions, providing local technical support, ensuring excellent value and training, and creating opportunities for cost-effective, return-on-investment products.


Our Team

Making it easier for you to do business with ATX

Ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment is paramount for us at ATX. We firmly believe that investing in our human resources directly strengthens our competency. That’s why we prioritise the continuous training of our service engineers, sending them overseas regularly to stay abreast of the latest technologies.

We know that breakdowns can be very frustrating and costly. Our service department will continue to treat every breakdown as a matter of urgency. It’s all part of our mission to provide our customers with the best technology and support possible.



Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Passion, Accountability and Innovation

RESPECT – For each other and the environment around us.

INTEGRITY – We act honestly and do what we say we commit to do.

PERSISTENCE – Never give up and make things happen.

PASSION – We have a pride and belief in everything we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We are accountable for our actions.

INNOVATION – We like to think outside the square.

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