RAPiD Endodontic Positioner


Includes 1 Aiming Ring, 1 Indicator Arm, and 3 Bite Blocks.


For accurate x-rays, nothing beats the RAPiD system! Our RAPiD is the original color-coded film positioner. RAPiD bite blocks feature rounded corners and are flexible for easy loading and unloading. And our tabs ensure your film or PSP plates won’t fall out during x-rays. Color-coding makes assembling the correct positioner quick and easy and RAPiD is autoclavable for over 100 uses.

RAPiD is a right andle positioning device that assures correct film/cone alignment and precents “cone cutting”. It can be used for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing x-ray exams using any brand and size (3, 2, 1, and 0) of dental film.


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