SonoEye VET Ultrasound


The world’s lightest and thinnest laptop ultrasound. SonoEye can help to provide high quality patient care in any location.

Dedicated /Ultra-Potability / Easy and Quick / Intelligent

Featuring an adaptable design that goes from pad to mobile phone, increase the portability, make it possible to work together with doctor from patient to patient all the time, initially in point of care applications and longer terms in primary care.


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  • Ultra-waterproof
  • A dedicated toll in -hand
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Vascular Access
  • Portable Accessories
  • Multiple devices

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Vascular, MSK, Nerve, Lung, Small Parts, EM, Vascular, MSK, Nerve, Lung, Small Parts,SAT, EM, CardiacDifficult, ABD, Cardiac, Lung, TCD, ABD, OB, GYN, Lung, ABD, Cardiac, Lung


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